How Does Dry Cleaning Work?



Do you frequently take your clothes to a dry cleaner? Have you ever wondered what actually happens during the dry cleaning process? The video gives good insight into how dry cleaning services companies clean your clothes.

Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent rather than water. Despite its name, the process of dry cleaning is anything but dry.

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Clothes do get wet, as they are soaked in a liquid solvent that is made for the purpose. Dry cleaning is perfect for fabrics and materials that do not react well to water. They are also appropriate for garments that may be destroyed if they are exposed to the heat of a traditional dryer.

The first step in dry cleaning is inspection and tagging. When you take in your garment for a dry cleaner, the person at the front desk will tag each of your items. Your clothes are also examined for any stains. Next comes pre-spotting, in which the cleaners apply a chemical solvent to stains on your garments. This makes it easier to remove it during the cleaning process. The dry cleaning itself takes place in an industrial washing machine filled with chemical solvents. Now you know all about dry cleaning.


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