Good Guy Griswold: Man Attempts To Rescue ‘Christmas Vacation’ Dummy Hanging From Roof



UPDATED 11/12/20

People who have accidentally damaged their roofs whileandnbsp;setting up or taking down holiday decorations should know that this sort of thing is actually relatively common. Obviously, it’s a holiday problem that people can prevent, but people shouldn’t assume that it’s rarer that it is. People also get injured when decorating their roofs. Even staying on the roof for too long can be dangerous, since roofs can get so cold during these months.andnbsp;

The average roof temperature varies, of course. During the summertime, the roof temperature might be higher than one hundred and fifty degrees on the standard Fahrenheit scale. Today, all roof systems are different. There are roofs that were designed to stay cooler, giving people the chance to use their air conditioning systems less frequently. Roofs like this will be particularly beneficial in warmer areas, since people have to use various air conditioning systems so frequently there.andnbsp;

Professionals can make some fairly simple residential roofing systems much more energy efficient with only a few modifications. They can still give people an aesthetic roof in the process. There are certainly roof shingles that were specifically designed to help people save energy now. There’s a lot of demand for all types of shingles, especially if they can help make homes more sustainable. 

With the holiday season upon us, people are getting their property decorations ready for a lit holiday. You’ve certainly seen some of the extravagant setups that people put together with intricate, dazzling light displays. Americans spend $47.8 billion on home and garden retail, not least among these are holiday decorations. This is especially true from October to January. Homes everywhere are increasingly decked with pumpkins, turkeys, boughs of holly, and the like.

As it gets colder and snow starts falling, people clambering around their roofs to hang lights are more prone to injuring themselves than in other seasons. They say 80% of illnesses are preventable with early intervention, but the same doesn’t ring true when it comes to gravity induced accidents. Unless, of course, there’s a good-hearted person around to rescue someone from a fall.

This is exactly what happened in Texas. One man came to the rescue of what he assumed to be a person in danger, who appeared to have fallen from their ladder and was dangling high up from their own roof gutter.

Alfred Norwood Jr. was driving by the residence of the Heerlein family and noticed a man hanging from the gutter with a tipped ladder just out of reach. He stopped and jumped into action. All of this was caught on the Heerleins’ home security camera, where you can hear him shouting up to the helpless man.

What Norwood didn’t realize was that the Heerleins had decorated their house with one of the famous scenes from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Clark Griswold — played by Chevy Chase — falls off his ladder while hanging lights and dangles helplessly from his own gutter.

“Oh, mister, please hold on! Can you reach it?” cries Norwood in the footage, shuffling the ladder toward the person, still unaware he’s talking to an inanimate Clark Griswold.

Since dummies don’t respond, Norwood eventually figures it out and leaves the scene. The Heerlein’s saw the footage and reached out to Norwood. They got him a gift card and thanked him for being caring enough to stop for a rescue, albeit an unnecessary one.

The Heerlein’s have since put up a sign telling passersby that the decorative setup is not real.

“Hundreds of people drive by this house every day, seeing that mannequin hanging up there and I’m standing by the one guy who cared enough to save somebody’s life. Thank you,” Heerlein said to Norwood in an interview they had together.

And that’s the spirit of the holiday season.

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