Further Funding Is Necessary to Find Treatment for Those Suffering From Mental Illness and Drug Abuse



drug abuseCurrently there is no shortage of people suffering from drug addictions. Whether it be narcotics or alcohol, people are fighting abuse problems all around the globe. Unfortunately, a large number of these people are also dealing with a co-occurring mental illness, making rehabilitation even more difficult.

People with some type of mental disorder are twice as likely as the general public to develop a substance abuse problem. An estimated 20% of people with mental illness are also suffering from substance abuse.

These individuals usually require more hands on treatment than those who only have addiction problems. Unfortunately, with the rising number of addicts, finding rehab centers is becoming more difficult.

However, according to newsplex.com, the state of Virginia recently received a grant amounting up to $1 million to put towards community behavioral health clinics for mental and substance abuse disorder treatment.

“These grants will help Virginians with mental and substance abuse disorders receive the services they need,” said United States Senator Mark Warner. “It’s incredibly important that we work closely with community clinics to better integrate behavioral services with physical services, and work together to improve quality and access to care.”

They plan to improve the quality and access individuals in need have to behavioral care by strengthening payment options and improving the use of evidence-based practices.

When these types of treatments are not available to drug abusers with mental disorders, the consequences can be dangerous. Cleveland.com reported on Roy Griffith, a man who was recently ordered to have a mental health evaluation as well as drug and alcohol assessments after being charged with kidnapping, felonious assault, using weapons while intoxicated, and inducing panic, all during a hostage crisis.

These hefty charges are the result of substance use and a lack of antipsychotic medication. In court, Griffith’s mother revealed he has a history of mental illness, and in the days leading up to the event, he had ignored taking his medication while also drinking heavily.

After confronting eight South Amherst firefighters responding to a brush fire, Griffith got an assault rifle and began threatening the firefighters while demanding they get him beer and antipsychotic medication. After two hours he eventually surrendered peacefully to a SWAT team.

The judge set Griffith’s bond at $500,000 along with his mental and drug assessments.


Sources: Newsplex.com

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