Baseball’s Postseason Beards Back In Full Effect This World Series



The 2018 World Series is underway and it features two of baseball’s most storied franchises. The Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers have a lot in common: they both have extremely large payrolls, they have future hall-of-famers on their team, and they have plenty of eccentric and entertaining players. And they crush the ball.

Shaved bats are great for exhibition games and home run derbies, but don’t do well in cold temperatures and should not be used if it’s colder than 65 degrees outside. Ballplayers in the Show, however, don’t need fancy bats to hit a home run. What they do need is style.

One similarity that the teams share, which echoes the last time the Red Sox won the World Series back in 2013, is the popular trend of the coveted postseason beard.

According to a Statista survey, 18% of respondents reported using beard care products every day. Some ball players keep their beards nice, tight, and looking sharp. And some players are Justin Turner and Craig Kimbrel.

“I usually walk in the bathroom and say today’s the day I’m gonna cut it,” said Kimbrel, the Red Sox all-star closer. “And if anybody says ‘No,’ — I don’t. It’s gonna be a little tough to get rid of it.

Though there will be plenty of bearded stars featured throughout this year’s World Series; including Turner, Kimbrel, Kenley Jansen, David Price, Max Muncy, and Christian Vazquez — this year’s beards are nothing like they were in 2013.

Only one player remains on the team of the three founding fathers of Red Sox postseason beards — Dustin Pedroia.

“It started in spring training, Mike Napoli recalls. “Me, Johnny (Gomes), and Pedroia were just messing around, saying we were going to grow it out all year. And it just seemed like everyone jumped on.”

In 2013, as Boston defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, their beards became a rallying point for the players, continuing to this day. Now, during celebrations and important moments, players take turns tugging on each other’s beards. Plus, Red Sox fans don real beards in support or even wear fake beards to the games to honor the bearded tradition.

The 2018 World Series ended on October 31.

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