Backyard Bungalos: Why Your Home Should Have A Detached Office



Small garden studio in a separate room with window walls.Florida is known for its sunshine and warm weather. With an average temperature in the mid-70s, most people who visit want to spend all of their time outside. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Sunshine State, you’re free to explore the Floridian outdoors in all its glory, year round. One of the best ways to truly take advantage of such ideal weather is to invest in a backyard office; let’s take a look at the many perks building a detached studio or office can bring to your life.

Increased Storage Space

Did you know that the average American home has 300,000 things in it? Considering the fact that we tend to collect more as we age, it makes sense to try to move some of the more cumbersome items — from couches to collectibles — into a separate space outside. Though you’ll need to invest an initial amount in the structure itself, you’ll end up saving more than you would if you were simply relying on a storage unit; with the convenience of being able to access your extra items in your own backyard, you’ll never be too far away from anything that you need.

Home Away From Home

We all need to escape from our lives every once in a while. Since most backyard studios can be transformed into fully livable spaces, you won’t have to give up the luxuries of life when you retreat to your personal haven. You can include electricity, air conditioning, and even spruce up the place with some quality window treatments (their two main uses are for functionality or decoration, and your backyard office can make use of both). When you need to recover from a hard day at work or simply get away from your bustling home, your own oasis will be waiting for you.

Privacy, Guaranteed

Working from home can be a nightmare. If you’ve got little ones running around and constant distractions (such as neighborly nuisances), it can be extremely hard to focus. Rather than retreating to a space across town where you may end up ostracizing yourself from your loved ones, heading to your backyard office will give you all the privacy, peace, and quiet you need; you’ll be a stone’s throw away from your family should they need to contact you, yet you’ll be able to experience the serenity of an entirely separate, private office.

With an average size of 10 feet by 12 feet, backyard studios allow you all the space you need to do what matters most to you. Whether you decide to furnish your space with a cozy chair and bookshelf or turn it into the ideal office, you’ll be happy that you can enjoy the endless Floridian sunshine without losing the comforts of home. And know that if you ever choose to sell, you likely won’t need to spend the average $15,200 if you market with the addition of a detached office.

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