Analysis shows two possible Indian Ocean paths for airliner

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The missing Malaysian flight had made drastic changes in its direction before disappearance and the indications show that there is possibility of human intrusion in the missing jet. The United States officials said that more clue shave been picked from the radar and the jet boarding 239 passengers had changed its direction from Beijing to Indian Ocean.

On the other hand, investigators said that “the plane might have been crashed in the Bay of Bengal or in surrounding areas of Indian Ocean”. They further said, these revelations are based on the recent analysis that was jointly done by U.S and Malaysian experts.

It is said that a transmitted fixes in plane kept on signaling for more than 4 hours and the sudden disappearance of jet from the Radar, was supposed to be intentional act. a satellite communications company, Inmarsat, said to a private news agency that “we have all registered data of pinging coming from the missing plane and it was signaling more than 4 hours”.

Apart from this, a US based expert hold the opinion that “the plane had changed its altitude directions more than once and it was repeatedly changing its routes”. Another official disclosed on the condition of anonymity that “Jetliner was flying on a very strange path” and there are chances that the plane might have landed somewhere else.

Last but not the least, the analysis disclosed that “as per the radar, the plane was flying that height of 45,000 feet and at the time of its disappearance it had dropped to 23,000 feet before climbing again”.


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