Affordable Wedding Venue Jubilee Hall Comes To Charleston’s Hampton Park



Charleston, South Carolina has been a popular wedding destination for decades. With its mild climate, long coastline, and over 300 years of history, couples come from far and wide to tie the knot in the iconic city.

Though Charleston boasts a number of sprawling, picturesque plantations and historic estates, the city had been lacking a publicly-owned location to host events, weddings included. Since many of these private venues can be unobtainable for locals due to sky-high rental fees, the opening of Jubilee Hall in Hampton Park plans to change that; since the building will be owned by the city, residents will be able to rent the space at a discounted rate.

“We want this to be an affordable option for local people who want to have an event in Charleston, whether it’s a wedding or a class reunion or a family reunion,” Harry Lesesne, executive director of the nonprofit Charleston Parks Conservancy. “We hope this will be something people will use and embrace.”

Jubilee Hall will contain both a main indoor event space and a large screened-in porch area, together spanning around 7,300 square feet. The grounds surrounding it will also feature walking paths and gardens. The building is expected to hold approximately 250 people, well beyond the average wedding guest number of 136 — even the biggest families will have room to grow!

However, if you’re more interested in getting hitched on a restored plantation from 1786, oak groves and waterfront views included, you’ve certainly got options. Charleston offers flexibility thanks to a virtually non-existent seasonality: warm weather spans all year long — and so do the flowers! You’ll have limitless options during your stay; you can hop in a romantic horse and buggy ride to see the dazzling city by night, watch the sunset from the banks of the Ashley River, explore the nightlife (of which there is plenty), or hold your soon-to-be spouse close while you take a ghost tour through the Old Jailhouse.

Charleston is more of an experience than a place, which easily explains its popularity as a perfect vacation — and wedding! — destination. Jubilee Hall may be originating in 2018, but it will be surrounded by estates and parks that stretch back to the 1700s — there are some oak trees in and near Charleston, such as Angel Oak, that are estimated to be between 400 and 500 years old; the ability to walk beneath them on your wedding day turns an already wonderful moment into something truly magical.

Modernity has managed to mix effortlessly with the invaluable history of this beautiful and great city. No matter where you choose to exchange vows and rings, you’ll find that the atmosphere in Charleston is like nowhere else on earth. So, pour of glass of wine, maybe the lovely and playful ‘Pleasant Peasant’ to celebrate the age and history around you (the 100% Carignan red is made from vines planted in 1900), and toast to a beautiful union in a beautiful city.

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