Your Daily Kardasian Update: Kim’s Post-Robbery Epiphany



800px-kim_kardashian_2009Many of us dream about one day being able to afford or receive a piece of diamond jewelry. Though it’s seen as a big expenditure for some of us, nearly a third of those buying diamond jewelry are willing to spend upwards of $1,000. It’s no wonder, then, that the diamond industry is big business. The total value of diamond jewelry sold in a typical year is around $72 billion, which includes the cost of precious metals and gems as well as the diamonds themselves.

Investing in one piece of diamond jewelry represents a dream for many people, and the idea of losing it in any way would not only be a sentimental loss but a financial one as well. And then there are those like the Kardashians, whose measure of wealth will be barely affected by such an event.

By now, we know that reality television starlet and social media mogul Kim Kardashian was recently robbed of nearly $9 million worth of jewelry at gunpoint during Fashion Week in Paris. Kardashian was allegedly tied up and gagged by two men dressed as policemen, who later escaped along with at least three accomplices. Not only did they take the jewelry, including an expensive ring that Kardashian flaunted on social media, but the robbers also took cell phones and a wallet containing three credit cards.

Parisian police have stated that Kardashian’s highly accessible social media presence and celebrity status made her an easy target for criminals. Up until now, being open about her private life was a main part of Kim’s brand identity. Because Kardashian constantly posted updates pertaining to her activities during Paris Fashion Week, the chief spokesperson for the Paris police department believes this made it easier for criminals to zero in on the star.

The newest development came when a source stated that Kim has been rethinking her approach to social media as a result of the crime. The source said that Kim realized “she was living in a bubble” and “loved flaunting her wealth” in the public eye. Prior to the incident, Kardashian “felt safe and never really thought about her vulnerability.” Now the star feels she was naive and that “everything has to change going forward.”

To that end, Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan have reportedly decided to cut back on posting, and to modify their approach to social media. Kim has since increased her security detail and continues to reevaluate risks like public appearances. Kardashian made the decision to cancel an upcoming makeup class she had scheduled in Dubai. And the entire family has been practically radio silent since the robbery.

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