Why You Should Get Spark Aligner Treatment

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You may have heard of different types of clear aligners when compared to traditional metal braces. Well, Spark aligner treatment is becoming one of the leading treatments today for many teens and adults. It is the latest clear aligner technology, so almost every orthodontist is starting to use it in their offices. They treat a wide variety of bite problems and teeth misalignment severities.

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This is very beneficial to many people who are wanting to get a beautiful straight smile. In this video, an orthodontist tells us why he is using Spark aligners for his patients and how it is working.

Each clear aligner is made to wear for 7 to 10 days before having to be replaced with a new tray. With Spark aligners having that long span each time you replace them, it can save you money in the end. Also, they stay clear throughout this week’s span and don’t discolor over time. In the video, you can see how a different brand of aligners compared to Spark aligners came out when they were dipped in coffee for three days. This is a major benefit of these clear aligners, so you should ask your orthodontist today if they are available.


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