Why You Should Get Home Health Care



This video is about the wonderful world of home health care. It’s told from the perspective of a home care agency nurse, who provides a peek into her day-to-day routine of caring for patients in their homes. She describes how she helps folks with all sorts of medical needs.

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Some will be recovering from surgery or managing chronic conditions like heart failure.

And it’s not all about the medical stuff, either. The nurse helps with nutrition and being there for her patients when they need someone to chat with. This video drives home the benefits of home health care. It focuses on helping people get better in the comfort of their surroundings.

Being surrounded by familiar things that make them feel at ease. There are no hospital beds or beeping machines. Think about it: being sick sucks, but at least you’re surrounded by your favorite mug and that fluffy blanket Grandma knitted. Plus, the nurse gives you attention, checking your meds and changing bandages.

No more juggling work and hospital visits and grandma gets the care she needs without feeling like she’s in some sterile institution. Turns out, people recover faster when they’re in their PJs with someone looking out for them. What’s more, the nurse has a way of making her patients feel cared for and supported. It’s clear that she loves her job, and it shines through in every interaction.


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