Where Have All the Cool Auto Shows Gone?



Auto shows are public exhibitions of current, concept, or past automobiles. Car shows are attended by everyone from young children and their families to automotive industry representatives, dealers, and journalists. For over 100 years, people have been gathering in large stadiums, domes, and fields across the country and the world to appreciate nice-looking and innovative vehicles. Sadly, it seems like the auto show has lost some of its luster — but that could soon change.


According to Popular Mechanics, auto shows used to be amazing… but not anymore. There aren’t any surprises at the modern auto show because every carmaker leaks out details and specs about new models for years in advance. Plus, by the time someone can see a cool, new car at an auto show, they’ve probably seen it dozens of times on the Internet.


Car shows could be amazing once again, however, as long as automakers can figure out how to be a little more secretive with some of their features and implement top-of-the-line technologies.


The global automotive aftermarket industry is projected to reach $722.8 billion by 2020. Though this doesn’t affect futuristic models being showcased at auto shows, it can certainly help improve the quality and appearance of some of the older models at car shows. In addition to aftermarket parts and maintenance, there are some other ways that car makers and event hosts can ensure that auto shows are like what they used to be: fun. Here are some important things that makes for a great car show:



    • Versatility — It’s not just about a car’s appearance. Automobiles need to showcase some innovative new features to really get people interested. Since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports over 50,000 annual towing-related accidents, showcasing an innovative and safe towing feature could work wonders for an auto show.

      According to Fact.MR, auto manufacturers are producing tow bars with environmentally-friendly coatings that promises an outstanding exterior look and provides the highest standard of protection against corrosion. Though not everyone who attends auto shows is looking for towing safety features, they will certainly appreciate the innovation and versatility.


    • Venue layout — Auto shows need to be held in large spaces, but a couple dozen vehicles can’t just be placed along the lot in no particular order. There needs to be some thought and planning behind the layout. Use barriers to not only separate various showcases (trucks, new models, classic cars, etc.), but to control traffic and lead people around, as well.


    • Classic cars — Although the primary reason for most auto shows is to showcase new vehicles and get people excited about the future of the industry, it’s still important to have some classic cars on the lot. Attendees might enjoy looking at a futuristic new concept car, but they will truly revel in checking out some of the classic vehicles from their past.



Auto shows aren’t what they used to be — and that’s okay. As long as people remain interested in innovative new vehicles and enjoy the nostalgic feeling of looking at classic cars, there will always be an audience.

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