What to Look For In Sitter Services For the Elderly



When a senior has no close family who can be a companion due to distance or death, they can feel isolated from people who matter to them. In cases like these, sitter services are the right answer getting them the company and care they need.

A professional care companion, sometimes called a “senior sitter,” is an adult who works with a program to assist the elderly. This program matches up “sitters” with elderly or disabled residents who need someone to sit with them, help them, and make sure they get out in the world.

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The work of the senior care companion is somewhat different from that of a personal care assistant. Unlike the PCA, the care companion is not licensed to perform medical tasks or dispense medication to their senior. Their job is analogous to a babysitter of a child: to be a companion for a person who otherwise doesn’t have a family member around to care for them.

Sitters and their seniors believe these programs are a huge help, allowing seniors across the country to continue to live in their homes with dignity and some level of independence when all they really need is for someone to come and check on them every day or two.


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