The Best Building a Home Interior Checklist and Exterior Ideas



Building your own home may be an uphill task, but it comes with its rewards. You get to be involved in the planning process and a majority of the decision-making. Additionally, you get to save money with a great plan in motion as you are in a much better position to understand what you want your future home to look like. When planning to build your house, you need a checklist that will guide you on what to do, help you keep track of all the things you want to include in your home, and come up with a budget. It may be overwhelming to keep up with all the things needed or what to include in your checklist. If you are confused about what your building a home interior checklist should entail, look here to get the full scoop on the basics and how to go about it.

The Basics of a Home Interior and Exterior Checklist

Your house will be made up of the interior and exterior. Your building a home interior checklist should clearly outline the areas of focus for each section. Some of the areas to include in your checklist are:

  • Interior
  • Flooring
  • Walls and painting
  • Windows and Blinds
  • Ceilings
  • Plumbing
  • Fireplace
  • Doors
  • Sinks and Bathrooms
  • Water Appliances
  • Attic
  • Exterior
  • Roof
  • Garage/Basement
  • Gutters
  • Walls
  • Driveway
  • Chimney
  • Decks/Patios
  • Trees/Plants
  • Grills and Fire Pits
  • Pool
  • Exterior Doors

The Many Advantages of Having an Interior and Exterior Checklist

Not everyone has a building interior checklist, but those who do are way ahead given the many advantages it comes with.

It saves you time and money by planning ahead of time.

Ensures you don’t miss out on areas of focus you would like to include in your house.

Allow you to source materials early in advance.

You get to consult and get quotations for materials and services to help you come up with a budget for construction.

You get to meet with contractors to advise you on the most efficient and effective methods of building the interior and exterior of your house.

Allows you to plan your finances and source for additional funding if you are running low on your finances.

Factors to Consider in Your Interior and Exterior Checklist

Outlining the basics of what you need to include in your house is the first step. Before you decide on installing laminate floors or a ductless ac and heat, there are a few factors you need to consider before budgeting and hiring professionals.

Plan and Family Size

It is easy to get excited about building the home of your dreams. However, being realistic will save you a lot of trouble. Evaluate your space and the kind of family you have. Is your space enough for a bath tub in every room? Are your kids safe playing on glossy floors? Ensure that your building a home interior checklist is realistic to avoid spending money on things that will require to be uninstalled or will be broken in a short period.

Flexibility and Extension

Plans tend to change over time due to certain factors. You may have planned to install a specific type of roof, but the climate in your area recommends installing a different kind of roof. The recommended roof may not be within your budget. You will have to consider other options for the completion of your house. Ensure that you leave room for flexibility and change of plans if things don’t work out as you planned.


Your building a home interior checklist needs to be inclusive of plans that adhere to environmental laws. You do not want to use construction materials that are a risk to the environment or to you and your loved ones. Building contractors can help you decide on eco-friendly options and features for your home.

Materials Used

Coming up with your building a home interior checklist is easy. However, the materials required to execute the plan could pose a challenge. Sometimes, materials are hard to source or may be unavailable in the market. You should consider using materials that blend seamlessly with each other. There needs to be a bridge between your interior and exterior frame.


Whereas building a home is a dream come true and you want to include all you have ever wanted, ensure that your checklist includes functional items. Consult with the experts to see whether your ideas are actionable and will be functional in the long run. Remember, the planning and designing of any building must adhere to state policies of construction and keep the structural integrity of the building. You do not want to come up with a checklist only to be denied a building permit later or find some of the construction materials are prohibited in your state.


Before you come up with your building a home interior checklist, you need to evaluate your finances. Create a budget of how much you are willing to spend on each item to avoid straying away from your budget or overspending and missing key focus areas. Once you have made a list of the focus areas in building your house, you need to plan accordingly. There are various steps you need to follow for your plan to materialize. The key steps are listed below:

Step One: Plan and Design

You have already listed you want a pool and mahogany doors. There’s a lot more you need to do before your plan comes into reality. Planning involves drawing up a budget for all the needs, designing the layouts and size of the rooms, among other things. You will only move forward once your plan details all that is needed to start the groundwork.

Step Two: Financing

So, you have already planned the layout, design, and style for your building. Where will you get funding? Your building a home interior checklist needs to be inclusive of a budget. A lot of construction materials will be required, labor and other miscellaneous expenses. You need to figure out where you will obtain the finances to start on the project. You can consider taking a mortgage loan against your property to finance your building project. With a good credit score, you are bound to secure favorable mortgage rates and finance your project with ease.

Step Three: Hire Professionals

You are building a house, which is supposed to be your forever home. It is why you should only hire professionals in the industry to get the job done. Having the right team of experts to guide you and execute your plan is an essential element of your building a home interior checklist. The complexities of building a home start with hiring the right team. A home builder is an essential contractor in building the interior and exterior of the house. Your choice of a home builder sets the pace for all other construction projects in the house. Your decision can either make or break your entire plan. You must closely examine the portfolios of the experts you are hiring in each field, from electricians, plumbers to HVAC contractors, to avoid making mistakes. Once you have taken care of the finances and hired a team of professionals, it is time to begin building. Where do you start?

Here’s what you need to include in your building a home interior and exterior checklist:

Prep the land

Prepping the land entails laying the groundwork. You start by digging and piping trenches. The land must be ready for the extensive work to be carried out. Processes such as soil stabilization are done to improve its engineering properties and enhance its strength properties. This makes it easy to lay the foundation without worries of the soil moving and interfering with the building’s structure. Failure to include this in your checklist risks the success of the project and the durability of the house.

Laying the Foundation

The foundation will be dependent on the area you live in. It can be either a crawl space or a slab foundation. Your foundation is an integral part of the building as it will determine the stability of your house.


Framing is a considerable part of your building a home interior checklist. The components that form the walls of your house are formed at this stage. Your architect is responsible for the design and your home builder for executing the plan.

Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC

Your home will need electricity, water, and a heating and cooling system to function. Your plumber, electrician, and HVAC contractor are responsible for wiring to ensure the systems function. You want to avoid interfering with the structure after the work is done because an air conditioning system was not installed. Ensure that all major internal systems are installed at the right time and in the right place.


A roof is a crucial component of the house. Once the walls have been erected, you need to install a roof to finish off the major exterior parts. Contact a roofing company to advise you on the most suitable roofing solutions for your home to tick off another item in your building a home interior checklist. An expert roof contractor will recommend a durable roof and you will be saving yourself from frequent roof maintenance and repairs.

Interior Finishes

All non-structural components fall under this category. Whether you want a bath-tub or a granite counter for your kitchen, your interior designer will help you bring to life all the ideas outlined in your building a home interior checklist.

What to Look Out For in Interior Finishes

The interior finishes of your home are what you will see daily. Make sure that the fixtures installed in the interior are efficient. Some of the tips you can use for your interior finishes include:

Painting – The choice of paint for your interiors will set the mood you are going for. Bright colors accentuate the house but are more susceptible to dust. It is why you should create a bridge between your interior and exterior plans. If you plan to go for light colors, ensure to do landscaping to protect the interiors. Your checklist is supposed to guide you in making the two areas intertwine seamlessly.

Light fixtures – your light fixtures accentuate the room and create your desired ambiance. Ensure you consult your interior designer before purchasing any light fixtures to help you choose the right fixtures that complement your space and layout of each room.

Exterior Finishes

All other items that will be outside such as the patios, garage floor coatings, driveways, and garden falls under exterior finishes. Some of the exterior finishes ideas you can use include:

Living walls – A living wall is one of the most efficient and cost-effective exterior finishing ideas you can apply when building your home. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it purifies the air, boosts your garden’s productivity, reduces ambient noise and temperature, and at the same time secures the privacy of your compound. Since you are going for functional items in your checklist, finding multipurpose items is a great cost-saving strategy.

Landscaping – Landscaping enhances the face of your compound and creates a joyful environment. However, you can use landscaping materials to get the most out of your checklist. Since you are going for functionality, you can design your landscape more efficiently by planting environment-friendly plants and creating drainage systems to avoid flooding.

Building your house may seem like a long, multiple-step process but with your checklist in hand, you will be able to sail through the steps with ease. The checklist helps you come up with a budget and plan accordingly how to finance the entire project. With the right team of professionals backing you up, you will be able to tick off your checklist effortlessly after every stage. You’re way safer having a checklist than without.

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