Top 5 Expandable Garden Hoses



If you are into gardening and keeping your lawn looking clean and green, then you have probably made or are looking to make an investment in a garden hose. This video is here to give you a list of the best flexible water hoses and reasons why you should buy one. There are five in total that have been listed.

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Starting with the LOOHUU expandable hose that is lightweight, has several different spray patterns, and has a trigger lock. The metal garden hose is next on the list with ten spray patterns. It is a great hose that does not leak and can endure harsh weather. The video goes on to showcase the pros of having a Delxo hose which has easy-to-use features when changing spray settings. The Kegemor garden hose is also part of the list and will impress you with its expanding abilities. The last hose this video touches on is the GrowGreen hose. Full tips on how to use it and store the hose will be clearly given so you know all you need to know when using it. With this video, you won’t go wrong with choosing the right hose.

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