What Do Jay-Z, Bryan Cranston, and Lindsay Lohan Have in Common? Finger Tattoos, Of Course!

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As with most things in life, size doesn’t matter when it comes to tattoos.

The age of large, easily visible tattoos is no more. Smaller tattoos are all the rage. Specifically, tattoos on one’s fingers are becoming a popular option for ink-lovers who want something modest but dignified.

The Times of India reports that finger tattoos are the latest trend for tattoo-enthusiasts. Finger tattoos are small and simple, and they can easily be hidden or flaunted at will. At a time when tattoos can affect anything from social status to employment, having a discreet tattoo is an advantage many tattoo patrons covet — especially from the younger generation.

Among other purposes, finger tattoos can serve as a permanent replacement for engagement and wedding rings. Tattoo artist Amar Mulge claims that much of his business comes from young couples.

“I mostly get unmarried or just married young couples…between 20-25 years [of age] coming for finger tattoos,” Mulge said. “While [a] majority of them prefer inking names of their respective partners on fingers, a few have even inked their wedding date…”

Young love aside, there are complications that come with getting a finger tattoo. Another tattoo artist, Jitendra Bharadwaj, says that finger tattoos are difficult to do given the small space to work with and the fingers’ sensitive skin.

“It’s a very challenging task to create a tattoo on such a small space,” he said. “And because fingers have a thin layer of skin, getting tattooed there is a painful process as well.”

“When it comes to tattooing on a finger,” he added, “I use fine needles of one or three round liner size. Strokes of the tattoo machine are short and the frequency is always kept low.”

According to the Times, even celebrities have allotted tattoo space on their fingers. Famous actors and artists such as Jay Z, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Bryan Cranston, Kelly Osbourne, Cara Delevingne, Lily Allen, and Paul McDonald are known to sport finger tattoos. Most recently, Katy Perry has jumped on the finger bandwagon. WSAV 3 News Station pointed out that Perry posted a photo on her Instagram page of her new Superbowl-themed tattoo the night after her performance at the Superbowl halftime show. She has a small “XLIX” tattoo on her right ring finger which commemorates her performance.

“I thought it would be appropriate to draw blood tonight… XLIX,” she wrote.

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