What Are UV Absorbers for Polymers?

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Have you ever wondered what UV absorbers for polymers were? Well, in this video, you can learn all about UV absorbers and how they protect polymers from UV degradation. They do this by absorbing UV radiation or by scavenging the free radicals that formed.

There are three categories that UV stabilizers can be put into. Here are the three categories and what they include.

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  1. UV absorber: benzophenone and benzotriazole within in this category. They absorb UV radiation and prevent free radicals from forming.
  2. Hindered amine light stabilizer: They scavenge any free radicals that have formed, can be effective for coating surfaces, and is irrelevant to article thickness.
  3. Binary blends: They are optimal for the stabilization of polymers. They have a synergistic effect of UV absorbers and HALS.

To learn all about UV absorbers and how they affect polymers and learn all about the different stabilizer blends of each category I mentioned above, watch this entire video! You may learn a lot about UV absorbers and how they are used every day. You may even want to look into careers of how you can work with UV absorbers. This video is very informative, so watch it all to learn about UV absorbers.


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