What Are Limited Ingredient Dog Foods?



What are limited ingredient dog foods? Typically, a limited ingredient diet includes one single protein source, such as chicken or salmon, and one or two carbohydrates that will be digested easily.

The benefits of limited ingredient dog foods are plentiful. First, they give you the control you need to determine what your dog may be allergic or sensitive to in their dog food.

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They also use proteins that are less common in typical dog foods, like venison, lamb, and more. Your dog may not be sensitive to these meats! Plus, the easily digestible carbs, like barley, brown rice, and sweet potatoes, will keep your dog refreshed and energizes throughout the day, not stopping them with upset stomachs.

Limited ingredient dog food options are plentiful as well. There are dry options, wet, canned, and more – so you can choose what is best for your dog! Overall, limited ingredient diets help discover which puppy food for allergies is best for your dog and their needs. In fact, you may be able to determine the best diet for dogs with allergies for your pup! Since pet nutrition is so important, finding a limited ingredient diet that works for your dog is key.

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