Transporting Oxygen Cylinders Safely



Part transport services are used every day across every type of industry, but there is a world of difference between part transport operations. From the less common helicopter part transport services to the traditional tractor and trailer transport options, it is less to do with the method of transport and much more to do with the cargo being transported. One example of that, as the attached video shows, is transporting potentially dangerous or explosive containers like gas and oxygen cylinders. With volatile materials like these, one mistake and. boom! The good news is, this is something we rarely ever hear about or see because the process of transporting oxygen cylinders safely has been nearly perfected. That, of course, doesn’t mean that there still isn’t an ever-present danger and risk; there is.

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If you are picking up or transporting potentially dangerous or explosive containers like gas or oxygen cylinders, it is important to follow all the safety guidelines. That includes keeping the cylinders properly ventilated, using the appropriate restraints, and other important handling and transportation. As always, if you have any questions or are unsure about the handling of materials and tools, it is always best to ask questions rather than take chances because nobody wants to be put in that kind of danger.

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