Toxic Mold Infestation Drives Kourtney Kardashian Out of Her New Mansion

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Reality star and fashion icon Kourtney Kardashian has apparently fled her posh mansion in the heart of The Oaks, a prestigious gated community in Calabasas, California. Kardashian bought the home from former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson in January, expecting a slice of paradise for the cool $8.95 million she paid for it. As Kardashian was having the home redecorated to prepare for the baby she and beau Scott Disick are expecting in a couple of months, however, her designer scraped away a layer of paint to reveal toxic black mold — lots of it. Following the revelation, Kardashian fled her home and rented a hotel room, where she has lived since.

Black Mold Causes Significant Health Problems, Could Be a Pregnancy Risk

Although she’s well known as a bit of a drama queen, Kourtney Kardashian’s reaction to finding mold in her home is completely sensible. Black mold has been linked to a slew of health problems, ranging from the mild to the severe. Homes infested with toxic mold commonly cause itchy eyes, chest congestion, and coughing. In extreme cases, it can cause homeowners to suddenly develop asthma, leaving them with lasting damage to their lungs.

In Kardashian’s case, it’s not just her health that she has to be concerned about, but that of her unborn child as well. As you might imagine, scientists have never done any clinical trials on pregnant women to see whether or not black mold causes birth defects and other issues. That said, studies on animals have shown that regular exposure to black mold spores may have a link to birth defects, stillbirths, and other serious pregnancy-related issues.

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