The Redneck Wedding to End All Redneck Weddings

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When the average wedding in Maine costs $30,000, what’s a couple from the Pine Tree state to do when the median annual household income is only $48,219? Why, have a redneck wedding of course, where the brides wear camo gowns, the grooms were camo tuxes, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen follow suit in camouflage as well.

Tom and Lori Merrill of Wiscasset, Maine, had their redneck wedding in the dooryard of their home this past July. The men wore white shirts with camo vests, hats and shorts, paired with work boots and ties that were the bright orange hunters wear, while the women wore dresses of similar camo-couture. As for the bride’s veil, it was attached to camo baseball cap and was decorated with moss, birds, and butterflies.

They even nailed the details down, too. One of Lori’s co-workers made the bouquet and the boutonnieres, which were decorated with shotgun shells. The ring-bearer’s pillow was camo on one side, and on the other featured a huge fish. The rings were attached to it with carabiners.

The audience, which numbered almost 100, also participated in the theme.
“It was funny to see,” said Eric Bellavance, a long time coworker of Lori’s. “One lady had a skirt and blouse on while wearing knee-high rubber muck boots.”

The redneck theme even influenced the actual ceremony. Lori was escorted up the aisle on a golf cart to the Little Big Town song “Pontoon,” an appropriate musical choice considering the fact that the wedding party all sat on the Merrills’ pontoon boat. Blue turf grass had been laid around the water vehicle to make it look like it was out on the lake.

The couple’s vows were also tailored to fit the redneck theme. Tim promised to always lift up the toilet seat, and replace the TP when it was out, while Lori promised to follow him with a push mower — an inside joke referring to their side job mowing lawns.

The ceremony concluded, the new couple toasted their friends and family to “Red Solo Cup” by Toby Keith in specially made beer cozies, which guests got to keep as wedding favors.
The reception featured several redneck DIY decorations — red solo cups on shooting targets as centerpieces, beer can wind chimes, and hubcap flower cases.

The four wedding cakes each had a different theme — camping, four-wheeling, hunting and fishing. The little bride and groom figurines atop one cake appeared to be shooting at game on another.
Lastly, the party ended with a bonfire, fireworks, and blasts from an authentic cannon, which had been borrowed from a friend.

For a textbook perfect redneck wedding, look no further than the Merrils, who truly outdid themselves.
“Everybody’s still talking about it,” Lori said. “They want to know what we’re doing for an encore next year, on our first anniversary.”


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