Revolutionizing the Modern Workforce: Knowledge Workers Relying More On Innovation



Knowledge workers are employees whose main capital is actual knowledge. Example knowledge workers include physicians, pharmacists, architects, programmers, engineers, design thinkers, scientists, lawyers, accountants, academics, and other white-collar workers, whose career requires them to “think for a living.”

In the past, there weren’t very many knowledge workers, as there were only a handful of careers, which were primarily blue-collar jobs. That has certainly changed. Approximately 73% of the America’s workforce — 100 million people — are currently knowledge workers.

According to CISION, Seva, a modern day knowledge management and search platform is hoping to revolutionize how knowledge workers actually search for prospective jobs and how to organize various information at work.

The New York City-based company has raised $2.4 million in seed financing, led by investors Avalon Ventures, Studio VC, and Datadog found and CEO Oliver Pomel.

Currently, the modern knowledge worker utilizes around 15 or more applications for work and can spend nearly an entire day searching for various pieces of necessary information. Managing and searching for emails, notes, chats, digital documents, schedules, and so much more can result stress and overwhelming feelings for employees, resulting in a significant drop in productivity.

Seva’s innovation offers a one-click setup to easily search between and better manage various platforms.

“I’ve been CTO at companies of varying sizes and stages over the last 10 years, and it’s been incredible to see how a growing reliance on cloud applications has really hindered our ability to self-serve relevant information,” said Sanjay Jain, founder and CEO of Seva. “Whether it’s as simple as finding the holiday calendar or making sure client-facing teams have accurate 360 degree views of their customer, professionals need a better way to manage information at work.”

Seva is currently accepting organizations to participate in its Beta work stack platform, with plans for even more innovations in the near future.

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