Standing Desks Not Standing Up To Scrutiny



A recent Live Well survey found full-time workers and Gen-Yers spend an average eight hours every weekday in front of a screen. Maybe this is why in recent years, standing desks have soared in popularity. And while almost 60% of workers are never trained in conflict management, and even greater percentage have never been trained in ergonomics. Despite that, people everywhere are looking to improve their health day-to-day in spite of their desk jobs, and one of the ways people hope to do that is using these unique desks. But do standing desks actually do anything for your health?

Why Use Standing Desks?

Those that promote standing desks generally cite their supposed health benefits. Sitting, they say, is damaging to your health over longer periods of time; instead, standing can improve your health while also increasing productivity during a standard workday. The trend of standing desks has caught on, partially due to the increased amount of time people spend sedentary at desks as part of their daily routine, with tons of options available to the average consumer. However, not everyone is able to access this trend.

The Problems With The Trend

Unfortunately, even if standing desks work, not everyone would be able to get the benefits from them. For many people, standing for extended periods of time, as opposed to sitting, can actually cause more health problems. 75% of Americans will experience foot health problems of varying degrees of severity at one time or another in their lives, and for these people, standing for long periods of time could actually worsen their condition.

Additionally, standing desks can be cost prohibitive. These unique desks can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single desk; for many regular office workers, this alone is enough to keep them from trying the trend. Luckily for them, evidence actually shows that they’re probably better off saving their money on this trend anyways.

Are They Actually Helpful?

Despite the soaring costs of standing desks and the many people who encourage them in workplaces, standing desks may actually not do that much to improve your health anyway. In order to improve your health throughout the workday, simply switching from sitting to standing won’t be enough. Instead, regular movement is needed throughout the day; just switching to standing doesn’t provide your body with the physical exertion it needs to make a difference. Instead, if you want to improve your health at the office, simple exercises and stretches can help.

Rather than spending tons of money on a standing desk that doesn’t stand up to evidence and scrutiny, consider adding movement to your daily routine or work breaks. This can help break up the monotony of the workday, keep you active, and save you money instead of buying an expensive, ineffective standing desk.

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