Secret U.S. East Coast Beaches For Seaglass Hunting



Have you ever gone sea glass hunting? Combing the beach for a piece of beautiful sea-smoothed glass is relaxing and also quite exciting at the same time. It’s a great activity for kids, who love to find pretty pieces and show them off. On top of that, sea glass hunting is an inexpensive hobby you can actually make a profit off of — many sea glass hunters make ethereal jewelry and keepsakes out of their best finds.

Some beaches across the U.S. are famous for practically being made entirely of sea glass. By now, they’ve been nearly picked clean of any ‘good finds’. These beaches below are less well-traversed by sea glass hunters.

Rockport, Massachusetts

Located about 40 miles northeast of Boston, Rockport is an underappreciated little New England sea town. But maybe that’s to your benefit. It lacks the traffic and high prices of MA beach areas like Cape Cod but has plenty of charm, wild-looking beaches, and local attractions. Many of the beaches in the Rockport area also feature some exciting and unique sea glass finds, like old pottery.

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

This is kind of a broad location, but some sea glass pockets are scattered all about the beaches of Chesapeake Bay. Some veteran sea glass hunters have even found coveted orange pieces here, which only appear around every one in 10,000 pieces of sea glass found.

Crescent Beach, Glen Cove, New York

A few sea glass hunters have kept this area as their special secret, but we have generously decided share because this spot is just too good. Careful — only residents are typically allowed, and a section of this beach is actually private and owned by a military academy. You have to ask permission to access it or risk getting in trouble for trespassing. Even so, the academy used to be a chemistry school, and landfills used to be plentiful in the area. That means a ton of glass was buried here back in the day, eventually ending up as copious amounts of unique sea glass.

Long Island, Casco Bay, Maine

Casco Bay is a popular camping spot, so it makes sense that sea glass would be pretty plentiful here. According to visitors, the colors on Long Island aren’t that unique (mostly greens, whites, and browns), but there is a ton of it. On top of that, the trip itself is beautiful and any of the islands in the Bay are worth checking out.

Sachuest Point, Rhode Island

The nearby Sachuest Wildlife Sanctuary is a gorgeous and popular walking spot, but just down the nearby cliffs, there are clusters of sea-tossed rocks and glass. The cliff climb isn’t too steep or dangerous, but make sure you’re wearing proper footwear if you’re going to be climbing around rocks.

Even if you’re no jewelry artist, keep in mind you can commission a piece of sea glass jewelry with one of your favorite glass pieces from many different artisans. On top of that, the craft possibilities with sea glass are limitless. Just have fun with it!


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