Retirees Choosing More Advanced Technology



Seniors couple using a laptop computerA recent report from the Huffington Post shows that the recently retired are becoming more and more tech-savvy, and are hoping to incorporate newer technologies in their homes and home offices.

The over-65 crowd will account for nearly 20% of the population by the year 2030, and almost 80% of them are interested in upgrading the technology of their home’s appliances. An additional 58% are reported to show interest in home maintenance technologies, like heated driveways and robots that clean.

Age Wave senior vice president David Baxter says “This idea that people are renovating and innovating in their home in retirement is such a cool thing, and it’s contrary to what people expect and is portrayed in the media. There’s a lot of action here.”

He suggests retirees are also choosing to spend more on the assets of their retirement, thinking bigger and upgrading their technologies. Such technologies include smart thermostats, apps used to control your home’s lights, air, and security systems, and more.

Baxter continues, “What we’re increasingly seeing for today’s retirees is innovation and renovation of their homes. That’s something important to the industry to recognize.”

Since people have been living longer lives, they have more time to think about how modernizing their home and the technology in it can help them live better.

Baxter says, “People are looking to create the best home of their lives, and that’s driving a lot of the renovation. They are finding that they have disposable income and more free time, and that gives them the freedom to reshape their home the way they want it to be.”

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