Putin’s Ukrainian Endgame

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During the 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest Romania, Russian President Vladimir Putin passed surprising comments before George W bush. He said “George, you have to understand the reality that Ukraine is not a country and its greater part was given to us”.

The ongoing drama in Ukraine is not a local issue rather a world issue and it would create many problems for Moscow and the people sitting in the helms of affairs.  On the other hand, the popularity of Putin does not plummet in Russia. It has been surveyed that 60 percent of Russians still like him as a president.

No doubt, his interest in Crimean region is the key to make a new Eurasian Union and once he said that “the downfall of soviet union was the biggest geopolitical tragedy of 20th century”.  Prior to collapse of Soviet Union, Crimea was the part of Russian territory but it was a greatest shock for Russia when the territory disintegrated and joined Ukraine as an independent region.

It goes without saying, Russia had set its vigilant watch over the Crimea region and that was the reason that Putin offered Yanukovych a $15 billion loan. This loan was against the offer of European Union and Russia always wanted NATO and EU to not interfere in its “policy of expansionism”.

No doubt, the takeover of Russia may invite problems for its economy and the consistent warnings from U.S clearly paint its future. But, the Prime Minister of Russia might have already weighed the intensity of his takeover already and might have prepared plan B for his country.

Last but the least, embarking sanctions over Russia will be like adding fire in the fuel. It would create more troubles for the region. And, a big number people wishes Crimea to be integrated with Russia which is also a matter of serious concern. Hence, diplomat channels should be accelerated to solve the issue amicably and peacefully.


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