Multi Tenant Intercom System Case Study

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You walk up to an apartment building to visit a friend. You press a button that lets your friend know you are there. Your friend then presses a button to grant you access to the building. Those buttons are multi tenant intercom systems. Learn more from senior engineer Zac Palmquist for Safe And Sound Security.

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One preferred multi tenant intercom system is Aiphone. Palmquist recently installed it in a new building. Instead of just using sound to identify visitors, it also uses a camera. Stairway doors and doors connecting to garages can also be locked at certain hours. The only way in is through entering the right code on a keypad.

It also works for access to garages. Visitors need to insert the right card or enter the right code on a keypad in order to open the garage doors. Doors can also be programmed to stay locked or unlocked during certain hours. Cameras can also be installed for added security.

The system can also be used in elevators for even more security. The elevator will not work unless the right code is entered on a keypad. These kinds of systems can be used to secure any room in a building, such as rooms in a hospital that stores prescription medications.

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