How to Set Up Your Cleaning Cart for EVS Cleaning

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This video talks about setting up an EVS cleaning services cart to ensure that infection control and safety are always top priorities. The first tip the speaker advises is to put on all the correct personal protective equipment, or PPE. The individual needs three main types of PPE for the job. Gloves and protective eyewear are the two main items the person should wear.

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He or she can also choose to wear an apron or coat over the regular clothing to create a barrier between the body and germs. Protective goggles are better than regular protective glasses because they cover the corners of the eyes.

This job requires a few cleaning supplies. One supply that should go on the cart is a lobby broom. Another supply that should go on there is a dust mop. Mop sticks, mop heads, and cleaning cloths. It’s also a good idea to have a wet floor sign and a container to put used cleaning cloths and mop heads into.

Bucket immersion is a process that someone might use to get the cleaning cloths ready. It’s a process that requires the person to run water in a bucket, put bleach in it, and then allow the cloths to soak.

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