How to Choose the Right Residential Roofing

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A new roof is a big investment. When you are having a new roof installed or replacing your roof there are things you should know about your residential roofing material options. This video from This Old House will answer many of your questions about residential roofing material.

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Making the right choice for your roofing needs is essential to ensure that you get the return on your roofing investment that you deserve. This video looks at the different roofing materials and discloses information about those materials. This Old House is well known for providing honest upfront information to homeowners without trying to sell them something. In other words, this expert video is all about honest information.

Many homeowners have the same questions about roofing options. For example, should you go with the asphalt roof shingles, or should you go with another roofing option? Which roofing material offers the best warranty? Which material is best for areas that get a lot of snow? This video addresses so many questions that you likely are struggling with. It will help you to make the right choice for your roof.


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