Heroic cat saves boy from dog attack

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Saving a life of a human is like saving the entire humanity. This is what has been done by a cat in Bakersfield, California, on Tuesday. Actually, a dog was sneaking up a 4-year old child outside of his residence. When it launched attack on him, a fearless feline jumped over the vicious dog and forced it to run away from the child.

On the other hand, Roger Triantafilo the father of the small child got the footage of this scenario and uploaded it on YouTube. He put the title of the clip as “My cat saved my son” and so far this video has been viewed by nearly 5 million people.

The uploaded footage is clearly showing that how the dog attacked him and how the cat responded to the vicious dog. The parents of the child said to media reporters that “it was our neighbor’s dog; they have voluntarily quarantined it after the attack”.

The mother of the child Erica wrote on her face book that “we are not angry with our neighbors, we are thankful that our child was not injured seriously”. She updated another status after following the previous one “Thank you for everyone, our cat is my hero”.

Last but not the least the father of the child said that my son had 10 stitches but we are thankful that the injuries were not worse.

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