Have You Ever Wanted to Change Your Smile? Here’s How



Smiling man portraitHave you ever wished your smile was a little nicer? While everyone has a naturally beautiful smile, there are some easy ways to improve your smile naturally. This can help you look more photogenic in candid photos and give a great first impression.

Do the occasional smile exercise

The muscles in your face can be controlled to form a more natural smile. After all, a smile is just the movement of face muscles into a different position. Through muscle memory, you can use this exercise to improve the control you have over your smile.

There are a few steps to the smile exercise: first, stretch your lips laterally and keep your lips together for 10 seconds. Then, slowly begin to part your lips, holding each stage for increments of 10 seconds each. You should start lips closed, then move to partial teeth, half teeth, then all of your teeth. Then, run the whole thing in reverse.

Reduce smile lines

Reduce the lines around the corners of your mouth with one simple exercise once a day. Simply purse your lips and suck in your cheeks — you should look a little like a fish. While you’re puckering, try to smile without breaking your pucker. This will help reduce the look of lines, but only do it once a day to prevent straining your facial muscles.

Smile with your eyes

If your eyes don’t scrunch when you smile, this makes your smile look insincere. Try to actively smile with your eyes when you do smile to give you a genuinely jovial appearance.

Whiten your teeth naturally

A white smile is seen as an attractive smile. Practically 40 million Americans use products to whiten their teeth to achieve this desired effect. For a natural method, try eating more fruits and vegetables. You can also consider switching to a natural charcoal-based toothpaste and brush your teeth after each meal.

Smiling is an activity for everyone, but it can be hard to improve your smile. Try these tips to create a naturally beautiful smile.

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