Getting Charges Dismissed With a Criminal Defense Attorney

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When it comes to fighting for your rights, criminal defense attorneys will try to ensure that you win the best possible outcome for your case. Whatever the charges are that have been brought against you, your lawyer will work to make sure your trial is fair and yield you a light sentencing. In some cases, your lawyer may even be able to have the charges against you dropped altogether. In this video, you will learn how it is possible for a lawyer to be able to achieve the dropping of your charges.

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The main way in which a defense lawyer attempts to get charges against their client dropped is by showing the prosecutor that their client is not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In other words, they must show there is some doubt in their guilt. They must convince the prosecutor of this in order to show them that pressing charges will be a waste of time. For example, unlawful evidence can be dismissed at the urging of the defense lawyer which will likely help the client.


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