Fun Things to Do After Quarantine Ends

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Over the past few months, people have been staying home and social distancing to help stop the spread of the virus. All this isolation has people itching for returning to normal life once the crisis ends. These people are imagining all the things they would like to do and experience once again. Have you thought about what you’d like to do once the quarantine is over? Here are some fun things to do after quarantine ends.

Eat at a Restaurant

Many people have either been cooking home meals or surviving on takeout while sheltering in place. It would be nice to finally get out and grab a couple dinner specials with friends or family at a local restaurant. Before the quarantine started, cooking and baking were optional for many people. Being forced to stay at home turned it into a chore. Sliding into a booth and having a waiter or waitress attend to your meal is definitely on the list for fun things to do after quarantine.

Parents who have been cooped up with their kids may definitely be looking to catch a break and enjoy a romantic date night out. Along with restaurants, many people are also looking forward to the bars and clubs opening up again. Hanging out and having fun with friends while grabbing some food and drinks is an ideal way to shake off the social distancing everyone has become accustomed to during the pandemic. Plus, drinking at home alone is honestly not as fun as we’d like it to be. Going to bars and restaurants is something that single people are looking forward to in order to have the opportunity to get to know and fall in love with someone new.

Get a Haircut

Haircuts aren’t considered an essential service during the lockdown. Many people are now beginning to realize just how much they have relied on barbershops and beauty salons for their image and self-care. There’s been an increase in searches online for DIY haircuts, and an almost equal amount of posts showing their less than desirable results with taking matters into their own hands. Getting a professional haircut is absolutely essential

Getting that unruly mane under control and indulging in some pampering is one of the fun things to do after quarantine that’s high on the list. However, prepare yourself for the reality that the experience won’t be what you’re used to, at least for a while after the pandemic. You may be expected to wash your own hair and social interaction may be limited. Cut-throat shaves are a luxury you may need to forgo and you may have to pay extra to cover the costs for disinfecting. However, that may be a small price to pay in order to cover up those gray roots.

Go Shopping

Another one of the fun things to do after quarantine that some people are looking forward to is going shopping at department stores, thrift shops, or cannabis dispensaries. It would be nice to casually browse the racks without having to wear a mask and take your time without waiting in line. Many people are looking forward to being in crowded malls without having to stand six feet apart from someone else. Another thing some look forward to is being able to buy toilet paper once again without having to trudge through several grocery stores or pharmacies to find a spare roll or two.

Attend a Sports Event

Many people love to spend time in the stands watching their favorite sports team live and passionately cheering them on. Others are active athletic participants in their local community who are used to regular practices and competitive games. However, sporting events have been postponed because of the pandemic.

One of the fun things to do after quarantine is to be able to enjoy the thrill of the game once again, even for the couch potatoes who watch it on their TV screens. People will once again be able to get together at the sports bar or in their homes to have a Super Bowl party and celebrate their team’s wins with their family and friends. Expect stadiums to get crowded to full capacity after restrictions are lifted.

Workout at the Gym

People who love to workout regularly have had to adjust to trying to keep up their routines while stuck at home. Curling gallons of milk at home just isn’t the same as lifting the heavy weights found at the gym. While you can get some workout equipment at home, there are some machines you can only find at the gym. Plus, it can be nice to relax in the sauna or hot tub after a hard workout to help you relieve those sore muscles.

Working out has also been a social gathering in the past, where you could meet new people while learning yoga or dancing your cares away in Zumba class. Working out alone simply isn’t enjoyable and many people are tempted to skip it without the motivation from others. For exercise enthusiasts, getting a chance to get back into the grind is one of the fun things to do after quarantine ends.

Go to Work

For some people, being quarantined at home was a relief from doing a job they hate. For others, they can’t wait to get back to doing the job they love on a daily basis. Either way, both sides are looking at getting a paycheck as one of the top fun things to do after quarantine ends. It’s also another opportunity to reconnect with others again without the confines of social distancing. Essential workers may be looking for a much-needed reprieve as more workers are allowed to re-enter the workforce.

Business owners are also looking forward to getting their profit margins rolling once again. Manufacturers will be able to once again get the equipment they need to boost their profit margins, such as an electric forklift for sale. They’ll be able to make their employees and customers happy by providing the services and the products they need for their everyday lives.

Take a Trip

Traveling to other countries was one of the first fun activities to go when the pandemic hit. Airports and private jet charters shut down and even traveling within the United States became restricted. Planning a relaxing vacation is definitely one of the fun things to do after quarantine on many people’s lists. The vacation doesn’t even have to be in another country. Some people may want to get out on the road after finding repairable salvage cargo vans for sale and do some cross country exploration.

Before the pandemic, staycations were a popular trend to get away from the stress of everyday life without having to spend money on expensive trips. Now that everyone’s been stuck at home for a few months, staycations may be a thing of the past for at least a little while. Going on an adventure to an unfamiliar locale may be just the thing to shake off the cabin fever many have been experiencing.

Visit Family Members

One of the fun things to do after quarantine that people are most looking forward to is visiting family members. Many people haven’t seen family members because they didn’t want to risk spreading the virus and it will be nice to be able to hug them again. Weekly or daily Zoom calls just are cutting it. Around 88% of people state a family game night makes their families happier than getting a new big-screen TV. A game night with family may just be one of the fun things to do after quarantine to look forward to.

It may not be one of the fun things to do after quarantine, but many people will be able to gather with friends and family and remember the loved ones who have died during the pandemic. The lockdown made memorials impossible. It will be nice for some to be able to honor their deceased family members and share fun and meaningful stories with their loved ones.

Spend Time Outdoors

The lockdown has made it hard for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy spending time in their favorite habitat. Once social distancing restrictions are lifted, many are looking forward to being able to visit the gun ranges or get equipment out of boat storage and doing some quality fishing. Going on a camping trip or spending time out on the water with your friends will be fun things to do after quarantine ends.

According to surveys done across several countries, 70% of participants desire to return to outdoor activities once the pandemic is over. The majority miss mountain activities such as skiing, climbing, and hiking. These activities can help you burn off the quarantine weight you put on while staying at home.

Restore Your Car

Getting your car fixed during the pandemic is a struggle. Many auto body shops are closed, while those that remained open are swamped. One of the fun things to do after quarantine for some people is taking their car to a certified body shop for some much-needed repairs. You can find Mercedes Benz parts online as well as other vehicle parts and do the work yourself. However, you may not want to tinker with it and would rather leave the repairs in the hands of a professional.

Go to the Movies

At this point, you’ve probably already seen everything that Netflix and Hulu have to offer. Heading to the movies will probably be on the first fun things to do after quarantine. You can get a sitter to watch the kids, order a big bucket of popcorn, and watch your favorite flick with your significant other.

Celebrate Special Events

One thing many people miss is celebrating special events with family and friends. Birthday celebrations, wedding and graduation ceremonies, and holiday dinners are fun things to do after quarantine ends. You’ll no longer have to postpone or miss out on these cherished milestones. Even Sunday dinners with the family won’t be taken for granted again.

Go to a Concert or the Theater

Another one of the fun things to do after quarantine is attending a concert or seeing a play in the theater. Watching your favorite performers and getting lost in the crowd are simple pleasures many people miss. You’ll be able to finally get out of the house and interact with others while watching some amazing performances. Be prepared for shows to sell out quickly the moment tickets become available.


Dating will be one of the fun things to do after quarantine ends. With social distancing, the dating world has drastically changed. People are forced to rely on video chats and text messaging to get to know someone. This has brought more meaningful conversations into the dating world rather than meeting to hook up casually. This behavior will most likely continue once the pandemic is over. People may choose to meet others the old fashioned way rather than relying on dating apps.

However, there’s something to be said about being with someone physically face to face. While you can mentally get to know someone virtually, hanging out in person can reveal what a person is truly like in social situations. Plus, you’re able to better determine whether there is any physical chemistry between you. Being able to physically touch the other person can create a deeper emotional bond than talking to them through text messages or video chats.

No matter what fun things to do after quarantine you have on your list, it may be some time before you’ll be able to make your dreams a reality. Hopefully, social distancing will no longer be considered the new normal soon so everyone can find some relief and have some fun. In the meantime, keep building that list and get ready to make the most of your life once this pandemic finally ends.

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