Five Year Old Calls 911 To Invite Police To Birthday, Hilarity Ensues



This kid is brilliant. While Mom and Dad were worried about party planning logistics like the appropriate amount of disposable cups, pinatas, balloons, cake, and the like, this birthday boy had other plans.

In New Zealand, young Zachary was about to turn five years old. A momentous occasion, for which he wanted a police-themed birthday party. Seems pretty doable. He wanted the real deal, so he took it a step further. Unbeknownst to his mother, Zachary called New Zealand’s 911 equivalent two times to invite the police to his birthday party. What can we say? The kid is persistent. It never hurts to ask.

After his Mom caught on to his antics and the operator confirmed that there were no emergencies, they had a bit of a laugh.

“I’m very sorry. That was my nearly 5-year-old son, he was just telling me that he, um, wanted to invite the police to his birthday party,” said Zach’s mother Sarah.

The operator said that the police might not be able to make the party, but she’d put in a good word.

That good word must’ve worked because on the day of the party, there was pounding on the front door of the house. Zachary was greeted by a squad of police officers in full riot gear, inquiring about the party. They gave him a stuffed dog wearing a police jacket, then the real fun began as another officer got the party started:

“We’ve got some stuff outside if you want to come take a look at it? Maybe a little play around with some of our gear? Would you be interested in that?”

He was interested in that. Then it was mayhem. Kids running around in handcuffs, sitting inside cruisers, just absolutely loving it. Officers sang “happy birthday” to Zach and cake was shared by everyone. The cherry on top was the police helicopter flyover as the officers were getting ready to leave. All in all, we think Zach had a pretty good day that started with a little emergency line mishap that worked out for the best. A smile-inducing case of ask and you shall receive. We think the officers had a good time, too, but posted a warning, just in case anyone had plans for future calls:

“We don’t encourage kids calling 111 [NZ emergency] to invite police to their birthdays.”

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