Dyson Releases Designs for Unusual Electric Vehicle



In today’s society, more automakers are focusing on eco-friendly vehicle options, like electric vehicles (EV). From exploring alternative fuels to using sustainable materials, like stainless steel pipes, which can last over 100 years, automakers are becoming increasingly innovative. And now, an unlikely company has entered the electronic vehicle market: Dyson has recently released plans for their electric car.

Dyson, which is well known for its household appliances, has released its patent designs for a new, unusual-looking electric car. The company’s EV features uncommon proportions and other elements that make it like no other electric vehicle. The car is designed to actually be able to be driven off-road if desired.

While the details aren’t fully released, Sir James Dyson, owner of the company, did say that the patents were “deliberately light on specifics”.

There are laws in place to protect the ideas of companies and people, like the 2016 Defend Trade Secrets Act. And when Dyson’s patents for the electric car were filed over a year ago, the company decided they didn’t want to release all of the details, but rather just show a few of the inventive measures they’re taking with the car.

Dyson’s electric car features a long wheel base, a three-row interior with seats that recline, and a much more aerodynamic design than other EVs. The patents also show that the company is considering the vehicle to have larger wheels, which will help improve efficiency. The lower center of gravity will increase the amount of control drivers have over the vehicle.

Discussing the unique design of the vehicle, Dyson told employees, “Significantly, many of our competitors base their electric vehicles on existing formats and adapt them for electric propulsion systems. Such an approach is cost effective, however, it tends to miss opportunities for mass-reduction and aerodynamic improvements which would improve the energy efficiency of the vehicle. Another approach has been to focus on smaller vehicles, as this generally keeps the mass of the vehicle low which can extend driving range. However, the size and ride comfort of such vehicles tends to limit their attractiveness and utility.”

The UK development project amounts to about $2.7 billion and cars are expected to be sold as early as 2021. The vehicles would be in the same price range as a Tesla, as they will be considered premium vehicles. At first, the cars will be released in a limited number of countries.

With people driving passenger cars and trucks over 10,000 miles every year, it’s time to really focus on making driving an eco-friendly act. And with the increased number of electric vehicles available, more and more people can focus on limiting their emissions.

On the company’s website, Sir James Dyson explained, “We’ve been researching motors, batteries, aerodynamics, vision systems and robotics for 22 years. Now the time is right to bring all our knowledge and experience together into one big project – an electric car.”

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