Are New Granite Countertops Right for Your Home?



Deciding which countertops are the right choice for your kitchen is a big decision. Many people choose granite countertops for their look and their durability but do looks and durability tell you all you need to know about granite countertops or is there something else you should know?

This video from Chick Fix gives you all the pros and cons about these types of countertops that you need to know to make the right choice for your home. The presenter uses her own personal experience to share information that she has gathered about granite counter tops over the last six years.

Video Source

This video is a refreshing perspective of these types of countertops because it comes from someone that has actually been using them for the last six years. Sometimes reviews from people that have an interest in selling the countertops or doing the install work are not quite as honest. There is nothing better than an honest review to get a feel for something you are considering investing in. Watch this video to learn more about the durability, stain resistance and more that these types of counters have to offer.


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