Whoopie Goldberg Announces New Business Venture Into Medical Marijuana Products for Women



marijuanaCalifornia is one of the largest medical marijuana markets in the world, and that may be why Hollywood actress and “View” host Whoopie Goldberg has established a new line of medical marijuana products aimed specifically at women.

Goldberg will partner with Maya Elisabeth to form the “Whoopie and Maya brand.” Goldberg will serve as the company’s chairwoman.

“I want to go nice and slow with this. I don’t want this to be a joke to people. It’s not a joke to women,” Goldberg said.

As of right now, the company has plans for four products, all aimed at reducing pain and cramps associated with female menstrual cycles: a balm, a tincture, a sipping chocolate, and a bath soak. All of the product will be infused with marijuana.

According to USA Today, Goldberg is the latest celebrity to put her name, and pocket book, behind the burgeoning industry that’s quickly becoming more and more accepted. In fact, a recent poll of clinicians by the New England Journal of Medicine showed 76% believe in the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana.

Due to federal prohibition on marijuana still being on the books, the company will only operate in California, which is one of 23 states that have currently legalized the practice in some capacity. It’s also one of the most promising markets for such a product, considering the state already raked in about $2.7 billion worth of sales last year, according to the cannabis-focused data firms New Frontier and ArcView Market Research.

Voters are expected to pass legislation this fall that would open up marijuana to recreational use as well, but Goldberg doesn’t appear to be interested in that side of the business.

“This is a nice quiet way that I can be part of this,” Goldberg said of the new company. “It had to help people if I were going to be involved.”

As more research has been gradually allowed on the benefits of cbd oil, the general public and government have started to change the traditional stigmas attached to the industry. According to the company’s other co-founder, Maya Elisabeth, even England’s Queen Victoria is believed to have used a tincture similar to the one the company is developing.

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