Used Furniture to Blame for Bed Bugs, says Hagerstown Housing Authority

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When you see a bed bug in your home, you can be assured that there are a lot more of them that you don’t see. Once this happens, you may wonder- bed bugs how do you kill them? There are a few methods that work, and this is generally best done by a pest control service that frequently does bed bugs. With bed bugs, how to get rid of them is often through the use of heat-generating machines that kill the bugs through temperature. Getting rid of them can be a complicated process in which every single bed bug and egg has to be exposed to high heat for a specific amount of time in order to kill them.

With the negative effect that bed bugs have on humans, you may need to call emergency pest control services to get rid of the bugs right away. Because they multiply so quickly, a small number of bed bugs can soon become a major infestation. Even if you kill each bug, there may be thousands of eggs left behind to hatch. A good pest control company can get rid of these pesky bugs as well as getting rid of the eggs.

If you get bed bugs in your home, it can be a devastating experience. You may have to get rid of your bedding or maybe even your mattress and other furniture. Bed bugs multiply quickly, and they can infest many different rooms inside your home. You need to call a bed bug exterminator to handle the problem. The professionals know just how to kill both bed bugs and their eggs so that the infestation doesn’t come right back as soon as the eggs hatch.

To get rid of bed bugs and their eggs, a heat treatment is often used to kill them both. Exterminators know that applying heat at a certain distance will kill them. If you have bed bugs, you need to know the bed bugs effects on humans. They can bite repeatedly during the night and expose the victim to bacteria through the open wounds. If you have a bed bug infestation, be sure to call an exterminator right away. Without professional help, you can end up with a bed bug infestation that just keeps getting worse and worse and bites that keep happening.

Bed bug issues can occur throughout someone’s home. People may see signs of the bed bug infestation on walls. Fortunately, a bed bug invasion can be stopped. Many normal house cleaning procedures can already help to reduce beg bug problems.

Washing bed sheets and clothes regularly enough can certainly make a difference. Since bed bugs may be found almost anywhere in a house, vacuuming the floors will make it possible for people to get rid of at least some of the bed bugs.

Many individuals may struggle with cleaning their furniture effectively when they’re trying to address a bed bug infestation. Vacuum cleaners can be used on many furniture pieces. Steam cleaning is even more effective, however, especially regarding furniture and carpeting.

Still, stopping the bed bug infestation entirely may not be possible using only these methods. Even the people who are constantly cleaning their homes during one of these infestations will usually not be able to complete the bed bugs removal process.

A professional bed bug control treatment can give people the ability to truly end the infestation. From there, people can vacuum and wash different items throughout their homes. They may not be able to rely on those techniques initially.

When you have a house that is in desperate need of pest control, it’s time for you to call an exterminator. With a mice and roach exterminator, you can get rid of an enormous array of insects quickly. Exterminators know exactly how to get rid of these pests, and they are well-versed in doing so. When you call them, they know just what to do to make your pest problem go away. They are ready to take action to get rid of your pests, even if they are a type that is hard to get rid of, like bed bugs.

If you’re lucky, you will only need a one time exterminator to get rid of your bug problem. This will allow you to take the time needed to bug-proof the building so that the infestation doesn’t come back again any time soon. You can also generally get an online exterminator quote so that you have a ballpark idea of how much it will cost you to hire the exterminator. But no matter what it costs, it’s important to be free of bugs and the dangerous diseases that they can carry around the building. Don’t wait to call on an exterminator.

Habitat for Humanity receives the proceeds of all used furniture sales from their stores. But some of that furniture is being blamed for carrying bed bugs to a low income housing complex in Hagerstown, MD. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of and carry a stigma. They are associated with being dirty, but as this story tells, anyone can be the victim of bed bugs. Are bug beds only in beds? No. Although they prefer your bed because they spend their waking time sucking the blood of those asleep, they can be found in carpeting and among clothing, for example. Are bed bugs more active at night? Yes. That’s one reason why they tend to go unnoticed at first. They’re out feeding when the rest of us are sleeping. Are you able to see bed bugs? Yes. But you need to look for them at night with a keen eye. Some at home remedies to get rid of bed bugs include extremely high heat, replacing infested furniture, removing clutter and vacuuming infested areas, washing all clothing and bedding in hot water, and spraying rubbing alcohol on infested areas.

Bedbugs are getting out of hand in Hagerstown, MD, and the Hagerstown Housing Authority is placing the blame on used furniture.

Ted Shankle, Executive Director of the Housing Authority, told the Daily Record that he believes the bugs hitch a ride on used furniture that tenants of the authority’s 1,200 housing units scavenge or purchase at a discount.

With the average price to furnish a living room sitting at $15,630, it’s no wonder that the low-income residents of the units try to cut costs, but the used furniture is taking its toll. Bedbug eradication in public housing costs the Housing Authority $100,000 a year, and the agency even has a dedicated staffer who liaises with exterminators.

Even with these measures, Shankle said the agency has been trying to eradicate bedbug infestations for four years now. They’ve even had to evict tenants who refused to grant exterminators access to their apartments.

are bed bugs more active at night

If used furniture really is causing bedbug infestations, the Housing Authority still has a long job ahead of it. Most residents of public housing don’t have the option to buy new furniture, and used furniture options are only expanding.

Just last month, the nonprofit organization Habitat for Humanity opened a second ReStore location in Montgomery County. ReStore offers gently-used antiques, furniture items and building supplies at a discount to its customers.

Truck drivers pick up donated items and deliver them to ReStore five days a week, and the staff of the shop sells the items at half the market value. The goal is to offer discounts while reducing the amount of reusable materials that end up in landfills. Proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity to support its mission of renovating low-income housing.

Low-income families may have a better chance of avoiding bed bugs by shopping at reputable businesses like ReStore. Kentucky Wisewood, a Louisville business that makes furniture out of reclaimed barn wood, also makes sure its furniture is clear of bugs.

Until low-income housing residents are made aware of the dangers of bedbugs, and encouraged to buy used furniture from stores that check for these pests, it’s unlikely the infestations will go away.

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