Top 10 Cigars for Beginners



Subscription boxes for cigars have gained popularity due to their convenience, variety, and personalized experience they offer to cigar enthusiasts. This YouTube video goes over some of the basics of choosing a good cigar and how to use cigar monthly subscription services to enjoy a wider variety.

These subscription services deliver a curated selection of cigars directly to the subscriber’s doorstep on a regular basis. This convenience eliminates the need to visit brick-and-mortar shops, saving time and effort in finding and purchasing cigars.

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Cigar subscription boxes often offer a diverse range of cigars, including well-known brands, limited editions, or boutique selections. This variety allows enthusiasts to explore and discover new cigars they might not have encountered otherwise, expanding their palate and knowledge.

Many subscription services tailor their selections based on subscribers’ preferences, allowing individuals to specify their cigar preferences, such as strength, flavor profiles, or preferred brands. This personalized curation enhances the overall experience and ensures that subscribers receive cigars aligned with their tastes. Some subscription boxes foster a sense of community by providing additional content, such as cigar-related literature, tasting notes, or access to online forums. This engagement allows enthusiasts to learn, share experiences, and connect with other cigar aficionados.

Overall, cigar monthly subscription boxes offer a convenient, personalized, and exciting way for enthusiasts to explore new cigars, receive curated selections, and engage with a community of like-minded individuals, enhancing their enjoyment and appreciation of cigars. Check out the video today to learn more and find your new favorite cigar today!


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