Tips to Send a Parcel From Singapore to the Philippines



This video shows how to send a parcel or mail using SingPost in Singapore. The presenter starts by sharing their first-time experience using a post box and then walks you through the process. They talk about listing the items you can send (including a balut in a reusable bag. You also get tips on packing your parcel securely.

They even mention that you can write a message on your parcel to personalize it. Apparently, they snagged a sweet reusable paper bag from Carousel.

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It’s handy for wrapping up a book they got from a buddy. Now, here’s where things get interesting: parcel packing bootcamp.

The host runs you through the essentials – your details, the recipient’s address, and the magic number: 500 grams (your basic package weight limit). But hold on, before you go all ta-da, parcel ready, there’s a payment twist – credit cards only. Don’t worry, the host throws in some golden tips for a delivery smoother than butter.

One thing’s for sure, this presenter ain’t afraid to keep things real. There might be some language hopping here and there, but they never lose sight of the mission. That way, they guide you through parcel-sending paradise. So grab your popcorn, hit play, and get ready to send parcel from Singapore to Philippines and become a shipping pro with Carousel and SingPost.

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