Questions You Should Ask a Contractor Before Hiring Them



Investing in home renovations is a big thing for homeowners. It is therefore critical for homeowners to know the contractors and their construction companies. One must ask essential questions to contractors as discussed in the video. Below are some of the questions one can ask.

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Contractor licenses are state-issued. One must ask the contractor if they have one. It is essential for one to ask to see a copy of the contractor’s license. It must be current and have a good record.

Asking a general contractor to share their daily work plan is also crucial. It helps in getting to know them better. It helps judge their time management and organization skills. With construction, setbacks can happen and cause delays. However, an experienced contractor or construction company can give an estimated time frame for a project. So, one must ask for an estimated project time frame.

It is paramount to ask for a payment plan to avoid setbacks. One must have a written agreement for that. Partial payment is the best plan, it ensures the contractor does not leave work halfway. It also protects both parties in case of disagreements later. Before entrusting a construction project to a contractor, one must get to know them and their services. Therefore, having a list of questions helps clear any doubt and helps homeowners understand exactly what they’re getting into.


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