Over $2,000 Worth of Camping Equipment Stolen from Girl Scouts in Texas



There are a lot of twisted people in the world, but it takes a truly soulless individual to steal from little girls. Unfortunately, one of these people may have spoiled summer for a group of local Girl Scouts.

According to local news affiliate KEYE TV, the Girl Scouts of Oak Hill, TX, were burglarized last week when a criminal broke into their shed containing all of their camping equipment.girlscouts

In total, the stolen gear is worth about $2,000. Tents, stoves, coolers, and other expensive camping supplies were all ravished during the overnight burglary.

The Girl Scouts of Oak Hill, like every other scout troop in the country, raised the money to buy the camping gear by selling Girl Scout cookies door-to-door. Now, it seems as if their hard work has been for naught.

“The girls really don’t understand why someone would break in and steal all their camping equipment. I think that’s the big question they have. Why would someone do this to girl scouts?” said Lolis Garcia-Baab, director of marketing for the Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

In 2010 alone, approximately 40 million people went camping, and many of them were Boy or Girl Scouts. Camping is a central part of the Scouting experience, and campouts are something every troop member looks forward to each year.

As The Inertia reported, a 2012 Vanderbilt University Study of 700 girls found that the organization greatly improves its members’ sense of self-worth. With the young girls reeling from this turn of events, the troop has asked the Austin community for help to replace the stolen equipment.

Apparently, this despicable crime wasn’t even the worst thing that happened to the Girl Scouts of America last week.

According to local Ohio affiliate WBNS, the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a person who stole $571 from a Girl Scout troop outside of a Walmart. The thief casually approached the girls’ table, swiped their cashbox, and took off running.

It’s impossible to choose which of these crimes is more repugnant, but it’s safe to say that both criminals will receive a large dose of justice when the law catches up with them.

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