Malaysian Plane Was Returning Back before Missing

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The military officials of Malaysia say that “Malaysian Airlines Plane was returning back before missing”. The Malaysian air force Chief Rodzali Daud disclosed in his recent press briefing that military radar indicated that Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers turned back toward Kuala Lumpur before vanishing and investigation was undergoing to find the wreckage.

On the other hand, Vietnam’s navy has said that “our crew teams have spotted a floating object near the Vietnam’s Tho Chu Island and failed to reach due to darkness”. The deputy chief of staff of Vietnam’s army Lt. Gen. Vo Van Tuan said in his press conference that “the floating object was perhaps a door of missing plane and it was about 56 miles away from the Tho Chu Island”.

Vietnam He said that we would surely find the wreckage within shortest possible time because our teams have been directed to reach the area.  No doubt, a massive sea search has been initiated by 40 countries but so far no clue has been sighted.

It goes without saying, dozens of military aircraft and vessels have taken a part to find the debris but the wreckage search operation has not recovered a single object of the missing plane. Inevitably, if, the Vietnamese authorities have found the object suspected to be jet door, it would grossly help the investigators to find the remaining parts.

spottedOn the other hand, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya the Malaysia Airlines Chief Executive said that “Before making a U turn pilots had to inform the airport authorities but the missing plane did not establish any contact”. Apart from this, Hishammuddin Hussein Transport minister of Malaysia said that “we have got the video footage of those two suspects who had used the stolen passports and our local and international agencies are working on their identification”.


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