Lollypop Farm Raises Over $270K in 20th Annual Tails of Hope Telethon



On April 16, Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society for Greater Rochester, held its 20th annual Tails of Hope Telethon. In the process, the Humane Society and pet adoption center raised an astounding $271,384, with the proceeds funding the organization’s mission to help animals in need.

Indeed, it seems that pets need all the help they can get. According to national statistics, eight to 10 million animals end up in pet shelters every year. Many of these pets are simply previously owned animals who got lost and had no identification or microchip; some have been abandoned; some are even born homeless.

Statistics also show that the best way to curb these numbers is by spaying or neutering pets and providing them with proper identification. Lollypop Farm plans to use their telethon donations to fund these things and more.

“These funds are vital in providing veterinary treatment, food, shelter and care for thousands of pets,” said Alice Calabrese, president of Lollypop Farm.

Initially, the organization hoped to raise $300,000.

“While we didn’t reach our goal of $300,000, we are thankful for the support our community provided to help homeless and abused animals,” Calabrese said.

Lollypop Farm has been helping both animals and people since 1873. The organization garners support from the greater Rochester community, which enables the 90-person staff to care for the upwards of 11,000 animals that come through their locations’ doors.

In addition to animal services, Lollypop Farms works hard to educate the community at large on the great responsibility involved in caring for animals. Their services do not just extend to cats and dogs — Lollypop Farms also assists horses, goats, pigs, goats, ducks, and mice, to name a few.

The Humane Society is also currently teaming up with the Willow Domestic Violence Center in order to create a pet-friendly domestic violence shelter in Monroe County.

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