Like Tesla, Honda Hopes to Start a Green Revolution by Opening Green Home Data to the Public

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Like electric-only automaker and green technology pioneer Tesla before it, Honda has opened up the data for its green technology to the public. The Honda Smart Home, located in Davis, California, uses specialized building plans, custom green materials, eco-friendly furniture, and a number of other techniques to make it one of the most environmentally and human health friendly houses on the planet. By opening the home to architects, engineers, researchers, and a seemingly endless number of professionals in other disciplines, even going so far as to offer the 2D and 3D CAD data to interested parties, Honda, like Tesla, believes they can find partners in others looking to make their revolutionary tech mainstream.

Despite Costs, Green Homes Are Increasingly Popular
One of the biggest hurdles for widespread adoption of green home technologies must undoubtedly be said to be cost. Energy efficient weather stripping costs $400, and green appliances can run the gamut from the exceptionally affordable to the downright ridiculously priced. Nobody is arguing with their ability to reduce environmental impact and energy bills, but many find the pricing just too much to consider.

Even so, the sale of green homes and the retrofitting of older homes into models of eco-friendliness have been on the rise in recent years. Increasingly, homeowners are viewing the short term expenses of more expensive green techniques and technology as a temporary inconvenience, outweighed by long term environmental sustainability and reduced energy bills. If Honda’s experiment to get others interested in their technology plays out, it’s likely that interest in green homes will continue to grow at a far accelerated rate.

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