Kansas Fireworks Trade Show Draws Nearly 1,000 Pyrotechnic Fans and Proprietors



Fireworks may not seem like big business in the U.S., but a recent trade show in Kansas proved that it is one of the most underrated and profitable markets in the nation.

According to The Morning Sun, Jake’s Fireworks in Pittsburg, KS, recently held their 17th annual trade show. Each year, fireworks fans and store owners from all over the country descend upon Pittsburg to see the latest and greatest products that the industry has to offer.fireworks

This past weekend, roughly 1,000 people made the trip to Kansas to attend the trade show festivities. Jake Marietta, co-owner of Jake’s Fireworks, believes that his trade show is the best resource for store owners in search of new ideas to grow their business.

“We want them to have the knowledge and resources of the industry to help them sell more fireworks,” said Marietta. “They sell more fireworks, we sell more fireworks.”

The trade show’s success is largely tied to the innovative ideas that Jake’s introduces every single year. The American Pyrotechnics Association recently announced that the U.S. fireworks industry revenue has nearly doubled since 1999, and much of this success is due to creative ideas from store owners like Marrieta.

At this year’s show, Jake’s unveiled several products and features to help store owners sell more fireworks, including a safety tube for mortars and video instructions for each new item.

“They are literally on the cutting edge of every idea,” said Chuck Decker, owner of Decker’s Uncle Sam Fireworks in Green Bay, WI. “They help us to be better.”

Kansas may not be a popular travel destination for most of the year, but Jake’s trade show is one of the most anticipated events in the entire U.S. fireworks industry. About 50% of the largest 200 trade shows in the country take place in Las Vegas, Chicago, or Orlando, but Jake’s yearly trade show is helping to change that narrative.

In addition to helping store owners sell more fireworks, Jake’s also gave back to the community by donating $333,000 to Folds of Honor. Over the past few years, Jake’s has donated over $500,000 to the organization, which provides scholarships to families of fallen soldiers across the country.

“It’s been unbelievable…they have been a huge partner in terms of fundraising for us,” said Dave Dierinzo, Folds of Honor Vice President.

At the end of the two-day event, Jake’s launched over 100 different fireworks for attendees and local residents to enjoy. Over the next few weeks, the fireworks company will host similar trade shows in Texas, Indiana, South Carolina, Washington, and Nebraska.


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