In Park City, Luxury, Green Real Estate Remain Top Sellers

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This summer, Park City’s real estate market is more thriving than ever — especially for luxury and “green” homes.

According to a July 9 Wall Street Journal report, one example is the 8,000-square-foot Modernist home designed by architect Wallace Cunningham, which just went on the market for a cool $25 million.

The home, complete with a cascading zinc roof, features a stunning design scheme that incorporates stone and glass. The facade, as well as several rooms, have been finished with different textures of iridescent, silvery gray-green serpentine stone.

“The idea is to obliterate the inside from the outside,” Cunningham said of his design, which allows for plenty of views of its 5.63-acre yard.

If the home’s three-room master suite, three guest bedrooms and eight bathrooms weren’t enough, the property also features a Japanese-style pond and an outdoor fire pit.

It’s hardly surprising that these new, luxury homes make up a good portion of Park City’s real estate, given the fact that 41% of American home buyers say they would prefer a newly built home over an existing one of the same price.

Yet in addition to luxurious dwellings like these, Park City’s real estate market is also characterized by increasing interest in green dwellings. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, buyers recently snatched up a series of green townhomes near Kimball Junction — townhomes which haven’t even been built yet.

Each two-bedroom, three-story townhome is 1,255 square feet in size, each with a starting price of $431,990. In addition to the homes’ sleek, modern designs and rooftop terraces, buyers took such an interest in them thanks to their many eco-friendly features. In fact, the townhomes are being built to the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard.

When energy-efficient home features can save thousands of dollars in energy costs in the long run, it’s safe to say that these townhomes are more than just a luxurious purchase — they’re a smart investment.

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