Homeowners Beware: Cooler Temperatures Dangerous for Pool Pipes



Have you experienced the unseasonably cold weather making its way through your town recently? Officials in North Texas are telling homeowners to be cautious of their pipes. However, they aren’t just referring to their home’s pipes during this arctic chill.

In the United Staes, nearly 21 million U.S. households owned a spa, pool, or hot tub in the spring of 2014. With that many pool owners, people in the “colder than normal” states should also be aware of what’s happening to their pool pipes.

According to NBCDFW, pool owners may not realize the potential issues until it is too late. They may not realize that with the ice, comes the risk of bursting pipes once they start to thaw out.

Ben Quenzer, owner of Texas Clear Pools in Allen, spoke to NBCDFW about how he expects a surge in calls as the temperature rises.

“We expect people to be calling about broken PVC pipes, broken check valves and regular valves from the ice,” Quenzer said. “The valves, as long as the water is moving through, they’re going to be fine. If water slows down enough or stops the valves will fill with ice and they’ll burst and break.”

When trying to protect your pool pipe, start with the more expensive equipment like the filter. The filter should be bubbling and show water moving at an even pace. If you don’t notice either of these things during your routine maintenance, you might have a problem.

According to ABC7, people are also seeing their pools freezing. People in North Carolina, who are used to being able to take a dip in the water, are now able to walk on it. This is something that is very uncommon for them to be able to do during this time of year. However, while it may seem like a fun thing to do for social media purposes, officials are urging those to not walk on the water, as it can be very weak.

To ensure that your pool is not being damaged, It’s crucial that you do daily pool checks. Doing so will help you make sure that everything is working properly.

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