Hit The Trails: A Beginner’s Guide To Hiking



Getting into the great outdoors can be a challenge for city dwellers, and even for those who live well outside of urban sprawl. Hiking is a fantastic way to explore nature while getting in a great workout. On average, one mile of hiking burns over 500 calories. With all of the possible hiking destinations and gear that seems to accompany hiking, getting your foot out of the door and onto the trail can be daunting. If you’re a hiking beginner, use these tips before you start scaling mountains.

  1. Pick The Right Path
    The biggest mistake a new hiker could make is overestimating the length or difficulty of hike that they can handle. There’s no need to prove yourself with a miles-long hike over rocky terrain. Start with short, easy walks and work your way up. As you do shorter hikes, you’ll be able to gauge what you are physically capable of and build up to lengthy hikes. Key factors to consider are the type of terrain, distance, and elevation changes. You’ll want to do plenty of research about your hiking destination ahead of time and map out a route to follow your first time through.
  2. Wear Comfortable Layers
    As you hike throughout the day, temperatures will change and so will the amount of heat your body is generating. Your clothes should protect you from the elements while regulating your body temperature. They should be durable and comfortable, as you’re going to be moving in them for an extended period of time. By layering undergarments, a comfortable shirt and pants, and a waterproof jacket, you can shed layers as you need while being prepared for any weather conditions.
  3. Hike With A Partner
    When you’re apprehensive about doing anything new to you, having someone beside you makes it a bit easier. If you have friends who already hike, ask them to take you on an easier trek. They’ll probably be very eager to share their expertise and passion with you, while also introducing you to their favorite trails and gear. Going with a friend or family member who is also a beginner is another great way to hike, allowing you both to discover the joys of hiking together. If you can’t find anyone who is interested in hiking with you, many cities and towns have hiking clubs that regularly plan outings.

There is so much to explore in nature, and with autumn just beginning many hiking trails have incredible views of the changing foliage. Choose your perfect trail, get some comfy clothing, find some friends to go with you, and you’ll be ready to hike in no time.

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