From Sugar Land, TX to Cranston, RI, Sunglasses Theft Is On the Rise



An American breaks, sits on, or loses a pair of sunglasses every 14 minutes. Recently, there has been a bit of an uptick across the country when it comes to the theft of these facial accessories.

Here are some of the recent stories involving sunglasses theft:

Sugar Land, Texas

According to Click 2 Houston, Sugar Land police are searching for a man who was seen on video stealing sunglasses from a store at First Colony Mall in mid-September. An employee of the shop first noticed the man take sunglasses off the display and placed them in his pocket. When the employee confronted the man, he returned three pairs and left the store, but five pairs of glasses were later reported missing.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sugar Land Police Department.

Somerville, Massachusetts

A Somerville police officer was contacted by a Saks OF Loss Prevention Agent and was informed that a male had just stolen multiple pairs of sunglasses from Saks, valued at $564.98. The officer was told that the suspect, later identified as Juan Molina, fled toward the Home Depot parking lot with sunglasses sticking out of his pockets, with theft protection devices still attached.

The officer ran Molina in his mobile computer, discovering that he had three active warrants for his arrests, all for separate shoplifting incidents. Molina was arrested for the three warrants, as well as an additional charge of shoplifting.

Cranston, Rhode Island

According to Providence Journal, Cranston police are attempting to identify two people suspected in the theft of $1,400 worth of sunglasses. One woman is seen in a security video distracting an employee of the Optical Shop, while another selects and hides several pairs of sunglasses. Both women then left without an attempt to pay. Photos of the women were posted in hopes of identifying the two suspects.

Palm Beach, Florida

A woman in her late 50s tried to steal three pairs of designer sunglasses — valued at $1,225 — from a store of West Glades Road. As she was exiting the shop, she was confronted by a loss protection officer. The woman then elbowed him in the chest and ran away. As she fled, however, she left the sunglasses behind.

Whether you’re in charge of a sunglasses kiosk in your local mall or are just out for a walk on a bright and beautiful day, beware of criminals attempting to make a quick buck by stealing these sunglasses.

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