Exciting New Upgrades to Apple TV Promise to Revolutionize Television

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Apple is continuing to set the bar for technological innovation, and Steve Jobs would be more than proud of their latest feat.

According to Tech Times, Apple CEO Tim Cook made the much-anticipated announcement on Sept. 9, which confirmed the belief that company was taking a major leap into the television industry.

The upgraded Apple TV will be “centered around apps,” implementing the user-friendly interface that the tech giant has become known for. In basic terms, the new Apple TV turns your television into a giant iOS device.

The company revealed that they would be introducing a new operating system for the Apple TV called “tvOS,” which runs on the same fundamental code as iOS, making it easy for developers to create apps specifically for the device.

Consumers are excited for two particular add-ons involved in the upgrade: Siri integration and a touchscreen remote.

By integrating the Apple TV with Siri, the encyclopedic voice command system introduced in 2010, users are able to have full control over their viewing experience. If you missed an important scene of a movie, simply tell Siri to “rewind one minute,” and the job is done for you.

If people are excited about the Siri integration, they are ecstatic over the promise of a touchscreen remote.

Studies show that one of the most heavily desired changes in remote controls is a touchscreen. About 47 to 59% of consumers agree that programmable remote controls with a touchscreen would improve their entertainment experience.

The touchscreen will be located at the top of the Apple remote, and will enable you to navigate your Apple TV as if it is in the palm of your hand. The sensors will determine what you’re trying to point to based on the location of your finger on the touch-pad.

According to Engadget, the remote will be connected via Bluetooth 4.0, and will include standard buttons for volume and channel control in addition to the touch-pad. It also features an accelerometer and gyroscope for motion control features.

The upgraded versions of the Apple TV launch sometime in October, with the introductory price for a 64GB device at $199. Developers already have access to the tvOS beta, so there should be all kinds of incredible apps by the time it’s released.

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